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Ceramic Art Andenne was born out of a desire to perpetuate an initiative linked to the town’s history of ceramics, and has become a not-to-be-missed event in the world of Belgian and international contemporary ceramics.

The next edition will take place from 17 May to 15 June 2025.

The call for entries for the two international contemporary ceramics exhibitions/competitions will be launched soon!

  • Free exhibition (without theme) 
  • Thematic exhibition: TALISMAN
    Join us for an exhibition where you can express your personal interpretation of this fascinating theme, exploring the mysteries, symbols and hidden powers of talismans.
    Protective, healing or persecuting, but always imbued with magic, show us the sacred side of your talisman.

3 PRIZES of : €2,500, €1,000 and €500 will be awarded to the ceramists selected for these exhibitions.

Deadline: 13 October 2024

Rules CAA 2025 

Application form :

  • Application form: Online 
    (Application form without gmail address : En ligne
  • A C.V,
  • A text of no more than 10 lines explaining your artistic approach.
    In addition if you applie for the thematic exhibition: A text of no more than 5 lines explaining the link with the theme,
  • 4 royalty-free digital photos of excellent technical and aesthetic quality of the piece(s) you are proposing for the exhibition.

Ceramic Art Andenne is :

Eight exhibitions in Andenne and the surrounding area:

  • Exhibition of the international contemporary ceramics competition,
  • Theme exhibition of the international contemporary ceramics competition: Talisman,
  • Exhibition of a country in the spotlight: Germany,
  • Exhibition honouring a Belgian artist. This year: Nathalie Doyen,
  • Exhibition of several winners of the Ceramic Brussels Art Prize 2025,
  • Exhibition of the Benelux members of the International Academy of Ceramics
  • “Alive & unfolding” exhibition at the Delta in Namur – Curator : Vasi Hîrdo (Editor in Chief of “Ceramics Now Magazine”)
  • Exhibition of the country’s art academies and schools in the Grotte Scladina and its undergrowth;
  • Gallery exhibition,

An artist in residence and his exhibition;
An international ceramics market (on Whit Sunday and Monday);
Conferences, activities for children, a Céram’café, performances, guided tours, etc.

Video of the 2022 edition :


Jury Prize  Jury Prize  Public Prize



Fabienne WITHOFS (B) 
Ming-Miao KO

2018 1. Qi Hui Huang (Chi.) 1. Sonja & Ricus Sebes (DE) 1. Marie Beaudry (BE)
2. Marie-Josée Comello (NL) 2. José María Mariscal (ES)
3. Reinhilde VAN GRIEKEN (BE) 3. Paz Sanz Fle (ES)
Kiwanis Prize: Sandrine Herlin (FR)
2015 1. Rebecca Hamlin Green (USA) 1. Ioana Tamas (RO) 1. Gustavo Pérez (MX)
2. Christine Aschwanden (CH) 2. Corinne Dorlencourt (FR) 2. Lut Laleman (BE)
3. Tiina Kaljuste (EE) 3. Marie Samson (FR) 3. Corinne Dorlencourt (FR)
2012 1. François Rueg (CH) 1. Francine Triboulet (FR) 1. Marika Vansant (BE)
2. Michal Fargo (IL) 2. Stéphanie Pelletrat (FR) 2. Charlotte Falcini (FR)
3. Jessica Smith (USA) 3. Christel Gourmet (BE)  3. Thérèse Lebrun (BE)
2010 1. M. E. Pachon (I) 1. K. Duchamp (FR) 1. Françoise Joris (BE)
2. Zemer Peled (IL) 2. M. Beaudry (BE) 2. Ann Van Hoey (BE)
3. T. Shanafelt (USA) 3. D. Vavasseur (BE) 3. Antonino Spoto (BE)
2008 1. Françoise Joris (BE) 1. Nina Rius (FR) 1. Françoise Joris (BE)
2. Rebecca Wilson (ES) 2. Guive Khosravi (FR) 2. Antonino Spoto (BE)
3. Martine Hardy (FR) 3. Willy Van Bussel (NL) 3.Tine Deweerdt (BE)
Artist selected for Residence in Taiwan : Antonino Spoto (BE)
2006 1. E. Pecatte (FR) 1. A. Roos (BE) 1. E. Pecatte (FR)
2. P. Moïses (BE) 2. M. Beaudry (BE) 2. F. Claesen (BE)
3. J. Swanet (BE) 3. M. Shulamit (IL) 3. J. Swanet (BE)
2004 1. Futamura (J) 1. V. Beague (BE) 1. C. Dijk (NL)
2. W. Langmans (BE) 2. E. Curtis (GB) 2. W. Langmans (BE)
3. F. Everaert (BE) 3. J. Grange-Sarles (F) 3. C. Guwang (F)
2002 1. B. Thiran (BE) 1. N. During (NL) 1. M. Mc William (GB)
2. M. Mc William (GB) 2. V. Duquesnoy (F) 2. B. Thiran (BE)
3. M. Van Calster (BE) 3. V. Beague (BE) 3. C. Hunter (BE)
2000 1. C. Di Verde (BE) 1. F. Rousseau (FR) 1. J. Wheeldon (GB)
2. B. Dizier (BE) 2. A. Roos (BE) 2. F. Everaert (BE)
3. W. Langmans (BE) 3. V. Fontaine (FR) 3. C. Delbruyère (BE)
1998 1. N. Hemelhof (BE) 1. V. Beague & V. Kempenaers 1. M. Lenaif (BE)
2. F. Withofs (BE) 2. V. Adjiman (FR) 2. A. Maillien (BE)
3. K. Ben Slimane (Tun) 3. D. Garray (BE) 3. F. Everaert (BE)
1996 1. C. Dagdelen (Tur) 1. W. Fisher (GB) 1. H. Gasnier (FR)
2. V. Kempenaers (BE) 2. J. Heykamp (NL) 2. V. Kempenaers (BE)
3. M. Everaert (BE) 3. A. Braut (FR) 3. P. Wouters (BE)
1994 1. V. Beague (BE) 1. F. Debien (FR) 1. H. Gasnier (FR)
2. C. Desauw (BE) 2. J. Schreiber (BE) 2. B. Thiran (BE)
3. N. Dufossez (BE) 3. W. Page (GB) 3. P. Wouters (BE)
1992 1. O. Kinart (BE) 1. U. & I. Lerch (D) 1. A. Lampecco (BE)
2. J. Fontaine (FR) 2. V. Beague (BE) 2. J. Middlemiss (GB)
3. P. Moïses (BE) 3. T. Lebrun (BE) 3. O. Kinart (BE)
1990 1. A. Hurlet (BE) 1. A. Leclercq (BE) 1. A. Lampecco (BE)
2. B. Thiran (BE) 2. V. Beague (BE) 2. B. Thiran (BE)
3. M. Selleslagh (BE) 3. J. Schreiber 3. A. Leclercq (BE)
1988 1. Jacques Loly (BE) 1. B. Thiran (BE) 1. M. Lenaif (BE)
2. A. Lampecco (BE)
3. M. Orlandini (BE)

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