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Ceramic Market 2022


Ceramic Market 2022

An event of historical and cultural importance for the town of Andenne! The Cultural Centre of Andenne is pleased to announce that the Ceramic Market will now take place every year on Whitsun weekend. It is moving to the Place des Tilleuls (opposite the Town Hall) and the Promenade des Ours to offer a better visibility and to make the logical link to the Lighthouse which houses the new Ceramics Museum.

The next edition will take place on Sunday 5 and Monday 6 June 2022 at the same time as the Ceramic Art Andenne exhibitions

Our call for applications for the 2022 edition has met with great interest from designers.
After reading and analysing your applications online, the jury met on 20 December to make a final selection.
It was composed of :

Léa Van Impe – Artist and member of the Marché de St-Sulpice organising team,
Mélanie Cornelis – Director of the Espace Musée d’Andenne,
Ana-Belén Montero – Artist and artistic director of Ceramic Art Andenne 2018,
Kris Campo – Professor, artist and curator,
Omar Bouchahrouf – Director of the Andenne Cultural Centre.

Participants :

Adans Julien (B); Albinovanus Françoise (B); Beaudry Marie (B); Bouchut Anny (F); Bribech Nathalie – Meig (F); Bruneau Nolwenn (F); Campignion Camille (F); Campos Ricardo  – Rosell Rosa – Kypsela (E); Ceulemans Valérie (B); Corthals GudrunGudrun Ceramics (B); Crouan Lucie – Lux céramique (F); Damant Thierry – la matière des songes (F); De Bondt Bert (B); De Nil Linda – Atelier Blauzuur (B); Deltour Guy (B); Doyen Nathalie (B); Etienne Emeric (F); Everaert Fernand (B); FAYOLLE Iseult et RHA Kee-Tea – Farh Céramique (F); Guilliams Luc (B); Herlin Sandrine (F); Iimura Akemi (B); Jacobs Marieke (NL); Lequenne Sylvain – Atelier Amphotère (F); Losa Alain (B); Lowy Cécile (F); Lozet Raymonde (B); Lucas Philippe – Terres a Terre (B); Manche Emamanuelle (F); Marais Quentin – Barbouille (F); Metivier Josselin (F); Michel Théo (B); Monod Aline – Almo (F); Mortier Olivia (B); Petillion Fabien (B); PIERRE Bernard (B); Pollez MelinaCerameli (B); Raes Nausika – Atelier Nausika (B); Rivière Hélène (B); Roos anima (B); Sepulchre Bernadette (B); Simonova Olga (D); Steenackers Jan  / van den bossche Ann – Verdraaid  (B); Stoefs Vera (B); Talsma HiltjeKeramiek en sierpapier (B); Tenret Diane (B); Thelen Viviane (B); Thirouin Sylvain (F); Torrents-Moglia Montserrat (F); Ubrain Jean-Pol (B); Vernerey Chloé (F); Withofs fabienne (B); Wyss Caroline (F); Xhrouet Ann – Terre et bois (B).
For the CRC Namur (Comptoir des Ressources Créative)  : 
Jean-Marc Guillaume, Aline Michel, Valérie Eelens et Carole Peiffer
And also :
ArtBol and his members,
Édition Atelier d’Art
Comptoir de la céramique

Many animations will take place and notably that of Anne-Marie Trignon who will allow you to shape the Derle and to follow the steps of the bear to the Cultural Centre where your pieces can be fired.
Here is a video preview of “La Derle reveals all its charms“.

Éclat(s) This is a project to collect fragments of memory and sensitivities of the people of Andenne around an age-old local practice: ceramics. It will also be the trace of these exchanges, through a mosaic work and a poetic collection. Come and build the mosaic together on 5 and 6 June 2022, in front of the Phare.

Front photo: Caroline Derselle – Le Mariage d’un Haiku

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