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VISIONS – The thematic exhibition


VISIONS – The thematic exhibition of CAA

From 14 May to 12 June 2022
During the Whitsun weekend, for the Ceramic Market, the exhibition will be exceptionally open from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday 5 and Monday 6 June
Centre Culturel d’Andenne, rue de la Papeterie, 2A, 5300 Andenne

You might want to show a world that could be, or could have been … a parallel world or a future world. You might want to refer to a concept of vision as such: what I see, critically or as a testimony to the environment in which you find yourself. You might wish to refer to the figurative definition of vision: “to represent in spirit”. You might wish to be shown as an artist-witness of his time and his culture or rather an artist who puts his creativity at the service of society and offers alternatives, utopias. You might want to show us being the artist who imagines or dreams and who shares his dream.
Show us! Show yourself!

Here is the line of thought for artists working.

The jury was composed with:

  • Mrs Sylvette Botella-Gaudichon – Head of applied art collections in the Musée d’art et d’industrie André Diligent – La Piscine – Roubaix,
  • Mrs Marieke Pauwels – Artist and ceramic teacher,
  • Mr Vincent Kempeaners – Artist and ceramic teacher,
  • Mr Philippe Luyten – Plastician – Province of Namur,
  • Mr Omar Bouchahrouf – Director of the Cultural Centre of Andenne.

After deliberation, sixteen files were selected for the tematic exhibition.


Aster CASSEL (FR) • Valérie CEULEMANS (BE) •  Eileen COHEN SUSSHOLZ (ZA)Gabrieli EVANDRO (IT)  Peter LEWIS (UK) • Yves MALFLIET (BE) • Viktória MARÓTI (HU)  Cristina MATO (ES)  Ko MING MIAO (TW) Hélène RIVIÈRE (BE) • Man Kit SIU (HK)  Dominique STUTZ (FR)  Jean-François THIERION (FR) • Petros TSAKMAKLIS (GR)  Lotte WESTPHAEL (DK)

Photo front: THIERION JF In Memoriam 72x29x29 grés

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