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May 20th & 21st, 2018, from 10 am to 6 pm – Artistic path in several places in Andenne

La Collégiale de Ste-Begge (Place du Chapitre, 5300 Andenne) is at the very heart of the Ceramics Fair. Guided tours are organized.

La Maison des Associations (Place du Perron, 5300 Andenne), near the old Andenne, is perfectly located, near the Ceramics Museum. You will discover the works of ceramists Arlette Lecomte and Irma Bauduin, as well as creations made by L.S.T. Association (Mouvement against poverty).

Michel Mertens (rue Provost, 7, 5300 Andenne) invites you into your garden where you will see works of Anne Biot, Gigi (Françoise Giaiotto) and Michèle Haenen.

La Maison de la Laïcité (Avenue de Belle Mine 10, 5300 Andenne) will allow you to appreciate art works of ceramists Rita Hendrickx, Marthe Vanhoutte, Sonia Pignolet and Chantal Tramasure.

Antiquarian Olivier Masy (Avenue Roi Albert, 151, 5300 Andenne) is being hosting artistic installations for several editions. This year, he shows you the works of students of Académie des Beaux Arts of Huy (Françoise Albinovanus, Béatrice, Stevens, Frédérique Dorthu). Ceramic artist Anne-Marie Trignon is also exhibiting in his garden.

In L’Atelier 170 (Avenue reine Elisabeth, 170, bte2, 5300 Andenne), ceramic artist Sonia Pignolet proposes from 2 pm to 6 pm:

  • “Viens cuire un pot” – Raku firing.
  • “Viens modeler un visage” (Come sculpt a face).

Le FabLab of Andenne (Chaussée d’Anton 139, 5300 Andenne) hosts works of Dominique Deruisseau, Julie-Anne Groyne and Nathalie Menendez, student at Wavre Academy.

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