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Ceramics Fair


May 20th and 21st, 2018 – Place du Chapitre, 5300 Andenne

70 selected ceramic artists from different countries will be exhibiting at this open-air fair organized in the historical part of the city of Andenne. A place to discover a multitude of ceramics at affordable prices, where each visitor will certainly find the piece so coveted and corresponding to his or her personal tastes.


Alain Losa, Alexandra Courty, Alexandre Dewas, Ank de Roo, Ann Xhrouet, Anne Deltour, Anny Bouchut, Arlette Legros, Arnauld le Calvé, Axelle Gielen, Bérangère Noyau, Bert De Doncker, Betty Moerenhoudt, Camille Campignion, Capri, Carla Dijk, Catherine Colomba, Cécilia de Bastiani, Céline Blaudez, Charlotte Heurtier, Claire Chuet, Claire Marfisi, Corinne Dorlencourt, Dalloun, Daniel Cavey, Dominique Mosseray, Fernand Everaert, Françoise Albinovanus, Freze, Hélène Rivière, Héloïse Bariol, Ingeborg Kleijnjan, Ioana Tamas, Isabelle Damsaint, Jean-Pol Urbain, John Townsend, José María López López, José María Mariscal, Juli About, Katia Claes, Kiki Stierlin, Laure Popoff, Laurent Weymeels, Luc Guilliams, Margot Thyssen, Marianne Lebrun, Marie Beaudry, Marie-Christine Ricard, Marita Braet et Robert Pagura, Monique Vanmollekot, Nathalie Hendrickx, Nathalie Van de Wouwer, Patricia Widmer, Paz Sanz Fle, Philippe Buraud, Philippe Lucas, Raymonde Lozet, Sandrine Badarello, Sandrine Herlin, Sonja et Ricus Sebes, Sophie Luline, Sophie Raspaud, Sylvie Chauvin Doz, Sylvie Favel, Theresia Simkens, Valérie Ceulemans, Vladica Sivcev, Yves de Block ainsi que deux céramistes italiens: Simona Baldelli et Manifatture Sottosasso (Marco Malavolti e Lorella Morgantini).

Opening times: from 10 am to 6 pm.

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